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Duplicate Photo Cleaner 5.16

Find exact copies of existing photos and similar ones in just a few clicks
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While many duplicate finders merely check the size and the date of any two possible candidates to determine their level of similarity, Duplicate Photo Cleaner is capable of detecting not only the more obvious matches, but also pictures that share the same EXIF tag or subject, as well as those that are but variants of the same image file, including resized, edited, and other slightly modified images.

The program couldn’t be simpler to operate. In order to perform a Standard Scan, just select the folder or disk (or the camera!) you want to scan for possible duplicates, click on the “Next” button, and let the program perform its magic. Actually, it is amazing to see how in nearly no time – subject to the amount of target files, of course – Duplicate Photo Cleaner will provide you with the thumbnails of all the possible duplicates or similar pictures found.

Some will be labeled as “Originals”, while others will display their level of coincidence with the original file in percentage form. To help you decide which files stay and which go, you can then select the files to display. Thus, you can tell the program to show you the originals only, the candidate dupes only, those with a higher or a lower resolution, a larger or a smaller size, the newest or the oldest files, etc. Thumbnails can be resized easily with a slider at any time for a more detailed view, and make use of the viewing option provided that better fits your preferences.

The program offers an alternative Sector Detail Scan to achieve results with a higher level of accuracy, as well as Folder Comparison option, and a Same Subject Scan for pictures sharing similar tags in this area. It supports RAW files from the most popular camera makes, as well as all well-known image file formats. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an excellent choice for those in need of a simple and effective tool to not only get rid of unnecessary duplicates and thus free up disk space, but also to keep their photo collection neatly organized in a convenient way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers a one-click quick search
  • Displays the level of similarity in percentage
  • Select files by size, date, EXIF tag, subject, etc
  • Scans for images on a sector-by-sector basis
  • Compares folders of images


  • Supports a limited set of EXIF tags
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